Area 18 Novice & Intermediate Winter Show Jumping Qualifier at Lincomb

Saturday 22nd.  70cm and 80cm, Junior & Senior, team & indivs Novice Competition ((Novice Champs March 28-29th at Arena UK, Grantham).  Also, the 90 Intermediate for indivs only (allowing those that have jumped at 80 to do a second class at a higher height)

Sunday 23rd:  90cm & 100cm Junior & Senior, team & indivs, 110 teams (J&S combined) and indivs for the Intermediate Competition (Intermediate Champs April 24th-26th at Bury Farm, Bucks).

Classes will be run over two rounds. Round 2 will be single phase; the first part may be up to 5cm higher than round 1, the latter part being the jump-off may be up to 10cm higher than round 1.  For class 1 70cm, you can only jump that one height. For all 80-100cm classes, new for 2020, you may now compete at two heights either as once in a team then as an indiv, or both as indivs…this will allow riders to have a go at the next height.

Please email Katie to enter    [email protected]

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